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Current Release

Current Release Our Fear Is Their Force
Massacre Records
February 24, 2012


Our Fear Is Their Force Album

Our Fear Is Their Force

Massacre Records
February 24, 2012

Produced by Tue Madsen
at Antfarm Studios (DK)
Artwork: Killustrations

tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 01 F.S.O.
tl_files/Template/platzhalter.png 02 Behind An Angelic Smile
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 03 Manmade Hell
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 04 Desperate Cries
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 05 Shattered Illusions
tl_files/Template/platzhalter.png 06 Fake Society
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 07 Vicious Circle
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 08 Constricted Vision
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 09 Inner Turmoil
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 10 Breeding Insecurity
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 11 Freedom Of Choice

Hear Their Cries Album

Hear Their Cries

Limited Access Records
April 25, 2008

Produced by Andy Classen
at Stage One Studio (D)
Artwork: Killustrations

tl_files/Template/platzhalter.png 01 Judas Cross
tl_files/Template/platzhalter.png 02 Count Your Beads
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 03 The Price
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 04 Dark Lights
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 05 Follow
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 06 Little Man
tl_files/Template/platzhalter.png 07 40 Days
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 08 Empty Gold
tl_files/Template/platzhalter.png 09 Shadow

Abuse Of Power Album

Abuse Of Power

Self released
September 09, 2003

Self produced
at Lederfabrik Studios (D)
Artwork: Selfmade

tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 01 Religious Exploitation
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 02 Revenge Be Mine
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 03 Let Us Rise
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 04 Deity
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 05 The Face You’ll Never See
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 06 Feelings Of Anger
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 07 Davidian Massacre
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 08 D.U.N.U.T.T.
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 10 Corruption And Lies
tl_files/Template/play_button_inactive.png 11 Entertainment